We are a sector-focused fund based on industry expertise investing in B2B advertising, marketing, and media technology companies. We are focused on four key areas of disruptive technology:

  • Data Management
    Enabling brands to support powerful 1:1 marketing and content storage and management, while enhancing brand protection, privacy and data protection.

  • AI & Machine Learning
    Helping businesses rationalize and take advantage of unstructured data to drive advanced personalization across marketing and advertising—resulting in greater efficiency and impact.

  • Measurement & Analytics
    Delivering statistical rather than empirical data analysis to give marketing and communications professionals action-oriented data and deeper insights than ever before.

  • Media Automation
    Supporting the shift from Madison Avenue to PHDs & computer scientists and helping deliver increased personalization across advertising and marketing.

“The past two years have been a turning point for emerging technologies, forcing entrepreneurs to recognize that going digital is no longer necessarily an option, but a necessity.”

Nick MacShane
Founding Partner

Investment Thesis

Sector focus

Sector-focused fund investing in B2B advertising, marketing and media technology.

Add value

Experienced operators and investors looking to add value to our portfolio companies by leveraging our global network across the Progress Partners ecosystem.

Collaborative partnerships

Building long-term collaborative partnerships by investing in entrepreneurs with a clear vision for the digital future.

Early-stage funding

Early-stage investors helping companies take their current revenue traction to the next level.